February meeting minutes

Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club

February 2, 2019

General Meeting Minutes

Charney Petroske called the meeting to order at 7:50 pm, Saturday, February 2, 2019, at Helping Paws in Hopkins. In attendance: Charney Petroske, Vice President, Sarah Gaalswyk, Treasurer, Joanne Dalby, Performance, Dar Yoho, Field, Laurie Hanson, Conformation, Lisa Bugman, Performance. Absent: Karen Ander, President, Cindy Engler, Secretary, Judy Super, Field

We did not have printed minutes, but a motion was passed to approve minutes as posted on the website.


· Dues are due! $20 for individual, $25 for Family

· Dues are due before the banquet

· Two prospective members were in attendance for their second meeting

· Three door prizes were raffled by Deb!


· January specialty completed. Both shows filled.

· Raffle brought about $800. Thank you to the volunteers for the show and raffle.

· August specialty being led by Deb, LuAnn and Eileen.



· WC/WCX date planned for Sunday, September 15 as prior years.


Obedience trial:

· March Obedience Trial is approved for March 23-24 at Total Recall in Hugo, MN.

· March 6th closing date

· Application in process for August Specialty

· Volunteers needed.

Health Clinic:

· Health Clinic set for May 4th. Services offered and pricing subject to final approval by Inver Grove staff

· Sign-up sheet to be passed around general meeting for volunteers

· Need about 12 people


· March 2 is the Date!

· A mini-raffle is planned to help support the August Specialty trophies.


· Charney shared the Alyssa is retiring from the club website. We need a new volunteer for this area.

Board Nominations:

· Charney Petroske has been nominated for President, Michelle Meyer for Vice President, Deb Rahm and Luann Runkle for Conformation and Andrea McConico for field.

Meeting adjourned 8:15 pm

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