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GTCGRC 2023 roster

Here you’ll find various documents only available to members.

Please welcome our new club members!

Laurie and Elaina Berg, Robin Kowalski and Anne Schmidt

By-Laws of the GTCGRC
Request for reimbursement (updated 5-22-2023)

GTCGRC Active Member Definition

Attend 3 club meetings and volunteer at 1 Board approved club event
Attend 2 club meetings and volunteer at 2 Board approved club events

How to volunteer: working at a club event (i.e. agility trial), chairing an event (including summer picnic/Halloween and holiday party), puppy referral, newsletter, website, board member, membership coordinator, health clinic, banquet, and state fair.

Need to get some club supplies for an event? Here is what you do…

1. Contact Corrine at 4 weeks prior to your event.
2. Let Corrine know what it is that you need and the approximate quantities of what is needed for the entire event.
3. Arrange a time and location to retrieve the items.
4. Arrange a time and location to return the items. If Corrine is at the event, she will take them home at that time.

General Meeting Minutes

The Golden Reporter

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