Thank you for your interest in joining the Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club!

Click HERE to apply online

Click HERE to print off a hard copy

Those who wish to apply for membership must abide by the Club’s State of MN Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of GTCGRC and to promote the objectives of and mission of the GTCGRC and GRCA by:

(1) breeding Golden Retrievers with the soundness, temperament, natural ability, and personality as reflected in the GRCA standard of the breed, and doing all possible to advance and promote the perfection of these qualities;

(2) doing all in my/(our) power to protect, promote, advance the interest of the breed through my/(our) sportsman like conduct in club events and competitions in all areas;

(3) following the rules of the AKC and agreeing to be guided by GRCA’s Code of Ethics;

(4) volunteering to help the club be successful in our various club events and activities

Want to apply? Here is what you do:

    • Complete the membership application online or fill out a hard copy and send it in to the Membership Chair. Please include your due made out to “GTCGRC”. 

Individual Membership of $20
Household Membership of $25

    • In order to become a member, you must attend 2 meetings within the year. On the 3rd meeting, the Board of Directors will approve your membership and you will be voted in. You do not have to attend the 3rd meeting. 
    • For new applicants, your check will not be deposited until all of your application requirements are met.