Golden Retrievers are very versatile dogs. Any type of activity that you do with your Golden requires some form training. Basic Obedience is the first step for any owner with a Golden Retriever. There you will learn the basic commands like come, sit, down, stay, etc. Even if you decide to have a Golden as a companion, it is best to go through basic obedience classes. Here are just a some activities that you can do with your Golden Retriever.

Agility is one of the fastest growing performance sports for dogs. The handler directs their dog through a numbered obstacle course that consist of jumps, tunnels, A-frame, teeter, dogwalk, tire, and weave poles. Dogs work their way to earning their agility championship (MACH/PACH). Click here to learn more about agility.

Conformation is a competition to see which dogs most closely resemble the breed standard. These dogs work towards their championship (CH) by earning points. Points are based off of the numbers of dogs that are shown that day. Click here to learn more about conformation.

Field and Hunt Tests demonstrate what the Golden Retriever was bred for. Dogs retriever birds both on land and in water. Click here to learn more about field and hunt test.

Obedience is one of the oldest sports in the AKC and Golden Retrievers excel in it. Dog and handler work as a team and move through multiple exercises including heeling, recalls, sit and down stay, and much more. Dogs work towards earning their obedience championship (OTCH). Click here to learn more about obedience.

Rally is one of AKC’s newest sports and growing fast. Dog and handler work together as a team and navigate through a course and perform each exercise at that particular station. Click here to learn more about rally.

Tracking is where a dog follows a scent left by a human. The track can range from anywhere from 440 to 1000 yards and be 1-5 hours old depending on the level. Unlike more other activities, tracking is based on a pass/fail system. Click here for more information about tracking.