What is Rally?

Rally Obedience provides an excellent introduction to the companion performance events for new dogs and handlers. This event challenges the dog and handler but also strengthens their skills. In Rally, handlers move at their own pace through the course completing each exercise. A course can consist of 10-20 stations depending on the level. Communication from handler to the dog is encouraged and perfect heel position is not required.

The GTCGRC and Rally

Rally trials are offered in conjunction to the club’s multiple obedience trials throughout the year.

Level of Competition

Novice – this is the first level all dogs enter to start their Rally career
• All exercises are performed on leash
• There are 10-15 stations that are required to be completed with no more than 5 stationary exercises
• Exhibitors are allowed clap their hands, talk to their dog and pat their legs throughout the whole course

Advanced – this is the second level
• All exercises are performed off leash
• There are 12-17 stations are required to be completed with no more the 7 stationary exercises

Excellent – this is the third and highest level
• All exercise are performed off leash except the Honor exercise
• There are 15-20 stations are required to be completed with no more the 7 stationary exercises
• Unlike the Novice level, handlers are only allowed to verbally encourage their dog throughout the course

How it is scored

A team must achieve a score of 70 or higher, with a perfect score of 100. Each performance is tied but is only counted if teams received the same score.



Qualifying Scores Required

Scores Obtained From



Novice A or B



Advanced A



Excellent A



Advanced B and Excellent B

*The RAE title required the dog to qualify in both Advanced B and Excellent B on the same day 10 times.

Adapted from www.akc.org