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Welcome to the website of the Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club.  Since the late 1960s our club has been an integral part of the Golden Retriever scene in the upper Midwest area yet proudly claims club members from as far away as Washington.

The GTCGRC is a non-profit organization which has as one of our club’s core objectives to positively impact the lives of Golden Retrievers and their people through friendships, education, the support of AKC sanctioned activities, special events, and honoring the Code of Ethics as outlined by our parent club–The Golden Retriever Club of America. 

GTCGRC members are interested pet owners, breeders, exhibitors, and trainers dedicated to the interest and promotion of the versatile Golden Retriever in field, obedience, conformation, agility, therapy, and tracking.  But primarily we make every effort to ensure our Goldens live a happy, healthy life as family companions.  

GTCGRC strives to provide thoughtful guidance to individuals and families interested in welcoming a Golden Retriever to their home.  All inquiries will receive a prompt response accompanied with our full consideration as it relates to the inquirer’s interests and lifestyle.  Please note that the GTCGRC does not endorse any one breeder over another as long as each meets our minimum standards of performance.

Volunteering is a great way to learn more about all the different activities that one can do with their dog, plus you meet great people, learn new things, have a lot of fun and most times there is food! Volunteers are needed for all of our events – big and small so if you are interested in becoming more involved please look at your calendar and let anyone of the GTCGRC Board Members know when you would like to join in the fun.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our website.   If you have questions about Goldens or are interested in joining our club, please feel free to contact any of our Board Members


Acceptance and use of the information contained on this web site constitutes an acknowledgement that the user hereby releases and indemnifies the GTCGRC, and its officers, directors, members, and agents from any and all liability and damages sustained by the user as a result of any information obtained from this web site. © Copyright, GTCGRC All Rights Reserved. No material from this website (graphics, design, or written material) may be used without the express, prior, written permission of the Greater Twin Cities Golden Retriever Club, Inc.

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